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Conveyancing Costs             $590 + GST

Normally we charge $690, but for a short time, we are offering $100 off on our professional fees.  Bringing our professional fees down to $590 + GST

Purchasing Costs

You need to be prepared for all the cost involved in property transactions, many of which are unavoidable government charges.  

Stamp Duty

Stamp Duty is a tax that you will pay to the Victorian government. 

The amount depends on many variables including:

  • Price/value of the property
  • Whether you are buying the property as your home, as a first home buyer, or as an investment property
  • Whether the property is brand new
  •  Whether you are eligible for a pensioner or other concession

First Home Buyers

First home buyers of established property or vacant land with a purchase price of $600,000 or less are exempt from paying stamp duty.  

If you are a first home buyer and have brought a brand-new property or purchased off-the-plan (for a dutiable value of up to $750,000), not only is your purchase free of stamp duty, but you could also be entitled to the First Home Owners Grant of between $10,000 (Melbourne metropolitan) and $20,000 (Victoria regional areas). The dutiable value is often less than the total price if there is a discount when buying off-the-plan, as construction is often not yet complete.


Principle Place of Residence

If you are purchasing a property to live in as you principle place of residence for $500,000 or less, a stamp duty concession applies.  To qualify for this concession you must live in the home for a continuous period of at least 12 months, within 12 months of settlement.  This can reduce your stamp duty payable by as much as $3,100.


Investors and Off the Plan Purchasers 

The stamp duty concession concessions for purchasing-off-the-plan were removed for investors.  Any contracts entered into after 1st July 2017 do not attract stamp duty concessions.


Owners Corporation involved in any of the above

You would need to add approximately $195 to the above price. Only IF we need to order such a certificate from an Owners Corporation (Body Corporate) ONLY if it applies to a purchase.


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Fine Print

Our professional fees include the preparation of the following items. The work listed is included under our professional fees.

  • Easy Email documentation to you.
  • No face to face usually required.
  • Professional Letters of instructions to you.
  • Preparation of a transfer of land
  • Email Correspondence to your lender and or broker of copies of documents prepared.
  • Statement of adjustments preparation.
  • Duties Online Attendance.
  • Settlement instruction preparation.
  • Notification to all parties of the change of ownership on settlement.


Searches enable us to find out more information about the property being bought. We must do this in order to clear debt on the property, otherwise you would inherit the seller's debt. 

For a property involving an owner's corporation the extra average cost is $175 + GST being the cost of certificate.  

Cost of searches are included in the ‘Expected Estimated Final Cost'



Typically they are all included in our transactions. Our Costs disclosure would detail any 'known or possible' exclusions to the inclusions.


NOT INCLUDED - Additional Work

In the event that additional work is requested or required, we will advise you of this at the time of your enquiry. Every effort is made to put any additional cost in writing to you, either at the start of the transaction or as it proceeds.


We make the whole Conveyancing process EASY. 

  • Easy online forms prepared and emailed to you.
  • Simply complete and email back!
  • No need to attend our office in 99% of cases.
  • Save time and money via Email.
  • No Postage in 99% of cases required.
  • Expert advice given to Clients in relation to Conveyancing Work
  • Quick responses to your emails.
  • Nothing hidden and all open and in writing, so there is no confusion. You can see what is included and what is not.

We will email you all documents once we have contract from the agent and or, obtain a signed copy of the contract.

We look forward to making the process easy and enjoyable.  


We will beat any written quote by 10%*

*Conditions Apply

  • We will beat any genuine written quote from a registered Conveyancing business in Victoria.
  • The business must be registered.
  • The quotation must written and be for the type of work you are wanting to do.
  • It must specify exactly what is included in the quotation and what work is not included.
  • If we deem it to be genuine, we will complete the work stated in that quote for 10% less excluding GST.
  • Only work included in the quote will be covered by the discounted price.

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